KRONOMETRY 1999 founding president

Walter Ronchetti, precision timing

Walter Ronchetti is the perfect example what it means to have a calling in life. How else would a 20-year old student studying architecture totally change direction after coming across watch-making? Instinct, intuition, inspiration… whatever it was, his fascination for outstanding mechanisms was a revelation. And a revelation for all lovers of fine timepieces. Walter Ronchetti is today at the head of a group that is more than just boutiques, but a concept all in itself. When it was launched in 1999, Kronometry Cannes was innovation all to itself with watches turned jewelry, a luxury item in a luxury showcase. While the collections evolve as fashions change, the “cozy” boutique has not, with its exclusive salons offering high-end services and where the attentive staff present exceptional pieces and niche brands. The aim is not to just sell a watch but rather make you really want to buy one. And their greatest reward is when a client returns and is happy to be shown through the new collections. And Kronometry 1999 has more surprises in store. In 2017 the Paris, Cannes and Monaco boutiques will be showcasing some of the rarest timepieces and latest technological breakthroughs with a first-of-a-kind display concept. Tenacity, intransigence and high-standards… timeless values!

© Walter Ronchetti – Kronometry 1999

Kronometry 1999
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